Todays No. l problem in property is CONDENSATION which attacks buildings of all ages.

Understanding the problem of condensation
There is always some moisture in the air, even though we cannot see it. When that moisture is allowed to accumulate in a dwelling, the atmosphere becomes saturated and condensation occurs which can eventually result in damage to the structure of the building and its contents. This leads to expensive repairs and maintenance plus associated discomfort to the occupants. The point at which moist air may begin to cause deterioration is 70% Relative Humidity (RH)condensation mould

condensation_Mould copyThe problems condensation can cause
The British Isles has a naturally humid environment. A humidity map will show the regions that are regularly at, or in excess, of 70% RH. An estimated 4.5 million British homes suffer from the damaging effects of condensation. condensation mould

Condensation is aggravated by a reduction in natural ventilation. This is common in today’s sealed and insulated buildings which incorporate replacement windows, draught proofing and fitted carpets, etc.

If moist air is unable to escape, it will condense on cooler surfaces and migrate to colder parts of the dwelling. Problems often start in the kitchen or bathroom, where cooking, washing, drying clothes, showers and bathing generate excess moisture.

Not only does moist air cause problems to the fabric of the building but also to air quality and health. People who suffer from asthma or any other bronchial problems can have their condition aggravated by a moist environment.

The microscopic droppings of the house dust mite can cause asthma, rhinitis, bronchial and other allergic problems. Constant whole house ventilation can reduce the relative humidity to below 70%, which inhibits the ideal living and breeding conditions of the house dust mite.

The solution
Evidence from the the Building Research Establishment shows that air change is required throughout the property every 45 to 90 minutes to remove the damp air from the property and reduce the possibility of condensation arising.
Adequate heating, adequate insulation and adequate ventilation will control the production of condensation.

We can recommend a Condensation Control system suitable for your particular problem.